Message Aid



Messages are the central model in Message Aid. All messages are stored in secure object storage. The system only stores metadata about the message, meaning headers, and the envelope if used, in the central repository. The message body is stored in a message locker, and is not shown in the UI by default.

Message Meta Data

This is generally the headers and broker specific properties of a message. You can read more details about this in the specific broker documentation.

Error Fields

Message Aid will attempt to extract some key fields from the messages based on the framework detected.

Error TypeThe error class
Error MessageThe error message presented by the system.
Message TypeThe framework defined message type, if present
Handler TypeThe code/function that was processing the message, if present
Stack TracePresented to help diagnose the original issue

Actions Provided

Edit MessageAllows a user to edit the body of a message.
Move MessageAllows a user to place a copy of the message into the target queue
Resubmit MessageWhen the origin queue is known, allows the user to easily resubmit the message

Audit Logging

All actions record an audit log of when they were requested. Additionally, when a messages is edited, we store both the new and the original content.